What is the benefit of hiring a private attorney for arraignment?

As soon as one of our firm has been retained to handle your arraignment we will speak to the arresting officer to determine your arrest number and advise the officers that they can no longer speak to you without an attorney being present. Upon receiving the arrest number, we also file a Notice of Appearance with the criminal court. At that time, we begin to track the case and stay in constant communication with Central Booking, the courthouse and the prosecutors writing up your case. We will also be available to speak with any family members and answer any questions they may have. Prior to seeing a Judge, one of our attorneys will speak with you to obtain any information needed to make an appropriate bail argument. Our firm will speak with the prosecutors in an attempt to get them to agree to you being released on your own recognizance (ROR), meaning without posting any bail. If they do not agree, we will attempt to negotiate an affordable bail. If the prosecutor is not willing to concede an appropriate and affordable bail, we will appear in front of the judge to argue on your behalf. If bail is set, we will then assist the family in posting the bail so that you can be released as quickly as possible.