Level The Playing Field Against Federal Criminal Charges

The U.S. government has significant resources to bring against you when you are facing federal charges. Federal authorities often spend considerable time and money when first building a case. Much of the work may be done before they ever bring formal charges.

When facing federal charges, a single misstep can lead to significant consequences. You need an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side from the beginning of your case.

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When We Take On The Federal Government

With offices in Manhattan, Schneider Law PLLC, represents clients throughout New York City and New Jersey against federal charges, including:

At The Forefront And Sought Out For Advice

While Schneider Law PLLC, is a small firm focused on tailored strategic defense for our clients, we routinely take on big cases.

Douglas M. Schneider's defense of a client accused of insider trading lead to a groundbreaking change in federal insider trading law.

Making Your Defense Dollars Count

We make it a priority to maximize your dollar to get you the best possible defense. We know how to use expert witnesses, private investigators and forensic accountants to provide evidence for your defense.

Importantly, our federal criminal defense lawyers know how to manage your defense with your budget in mind. The U.S. government has the resources it needs to prosecute any case it chooses; to level the playing field, you need an attorney on your side who knows how to prepare for trial with the resources you have for your defense.

Federal Sentencing Options

Sentencing in federal cases can be severe. We have a track record of getting our clients the minimum sentence allowed under federal law. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are complex. You need a lawyer who understands the structure and procedures of federal sentencing including offense levels, adjustments, downward departures and safety valve provisions.

We know the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and can thoroughly explain your options to you.

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