Charged With A White Collar Crime? Don't Leave Yourself Vulnerable.

Fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and other white collar crimes are incredibly complex cases. They require immense document analysis and deep knowledge of financial records. Because New York and New Jersey are financial hubs, district attorneys take these crimes very seriously and consequences may include large fines and imprisonment.

You need a lawyer who knows how white collar crime is prosecuted in Manhattan. At Schneider Law PLLC, our lawyers are confident and highly capable defense attorneys with a long history of success.

Our Attorneys Provide Vigorous Defense Of Your Rights At All Levels

At our New York, and Manhattan offices, we focus on protecting your rights at every turn. Arrests, interrogation and searches are all susceptible to infractions that may result in your rights being violated. With our lawyers on your side, we are vigilant and will defend your rights at each step.

Douglas M. Schneider has years of experience defending clients from white collar crime charges, including at state and federal levels. His work as a  stalwart defense attorney is nationally recognized. His accolades include Avvo Clients' Choice recognition, Super Lawyers and NACDA Nation's premier rankings. He has also been featured on HBO, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and other publications.

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What To Expect Going Forward

After you are charged with a crime, you should immediately call for an attorney. Our lawyers will appear to represent you and begin examining your indictment and any applicable evidence. We will begin counter exploration, including looking at any prior witness statements, police reports and account statements and communications.

Criminal proceedings may take time, but with us you have selected high-quality representation. We will guide you through arraignment, any pretrial motions and other steps in your proceedings.