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Representing Employees From Start To Finish

Schneider Law PLLC prides itself on protecting and defending the rights of employees. We protect employees when they get hired and fight for them if they get fired.

Doug Schneider is an experienced employment law attorney. When you are hired, your employer may give you an employment contract with serious, consequential terms that will impact you both during and after your employment. It is crucial that you have an experienced employment lawyer review and negotiate these contracts.

If you are terminated, Schneider Law PLLC will quickly evaluate your case to make sure that your contract wasn't breached or if you have a claim for employment discrimination. We routinely represent people who were discriminated against because of their age, gender, pregnancy, race, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin. We have obtained large settlements for our clients such as where:

  • The employer refused to make reasonable accommodations for disabilities
  • Terminated a woman because she was pregnant
  • The employee was terminated because of her age

Helping Businesses Avoid Disputes Before They Happen

If and when an employee is terminated, companies that follow best practices have the best chance of avoiding the time and expense of litigation. Schneider Law PLLC helps businesses draft clear employment agreements at the start of employment that provide clarity about the rights and responsibility of both the employer and the employee. When you have a question or a difficult employee, Doug Schneider can provide you outside general counsel services to help you navigate difficult situations.

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