Fraud Crimes

Schneider Law PLLC works with clients accused of a number of different types of fraud crimes, in both state and federal court. Doug Schneider is a highly skilled lawyer with years of experience handling complex fraud and other criminal defense and white collar crime matters. Below are some of the types of cases Doug handles using his many of experience:

Credit Card Fraud

  • Credit card fraud is considered a white collar crime and described as fraudulently using, selling, buying or forging credit card information. Credit card fraud statutes also include the fraudulent use of debit card information, as well as unauthorized use of card information online.
  • As there are so many different types of credit card fraud, convictions for these charges will vary greatly and will depend on the facts of the case, the value of the property taken (or amount of injury caused) and an individual’s criminal history.

Internet Fraud

Common ways to commit internet fraud include:

  • False representations while making solicitations on message boards and forums
  • False representations on websites for fake businesses or charities
  • Deceptive or false advertising online
  • Email offers and scams
  • Unauthorized use of personal information to set up false accounts
  • Hacking for the purpose of obtaining personal information, including logins and passwords, without permission

Securities And Investment Fraud

Securities and investment fraud can be any number of deceptive practices in the stock market.

Fraud typically occurs when individuals or corporations use deceit to falsely inflate stock values or lure money from investors. Fraud may also happen when people use unfair or “insider” knowledge to gain an upper hand in the stock market.

  • Insider trading: The trading of stock or other securities by individuals with possible access to nonpublic information about the company or investment.
  • Ponzi schemes: A fraudulent investment operation that pays investors from their own money or that of other investors rather than from profits earned from the supposed investment.

Other Types Of Fraud

In addition to the types of fraud cases discussed above, Schneider Law PLLC also confidently handles cases involving mail fraud, identity theft, tax evasion and tax fraud, insurance fraud, welfare fraud and other matters.

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