Were You Charged With A White Collar Crime?

Fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and insider trading cases are complex. They require immense document analysis and understanding of business, finance and regulatory laws. Because New York and New Jersey are financial hubs, state and federal prosecutors aggressively pursue these cases, which can result in large fines and lengthy imprisonment.

You need a lawyer who knows how white collar crime is prosecuted in Manhattan. At Schneider Law PLLC, we are an aggressive and highly capable criminal defense practice with a long history of success.

A Vigorous Defense Of Your Rights At All Levels

At our Financial District office, we focus on protecting your rights at every turn. You need a lawyer who understands how to attack a search warrant, the intricacies of insider trading laws, and how and when to negotiate with prosecutors. To defend these cases, you need a vigilant lawyer who knows how to defend your rights at each step.

Douglas M. Schneider has years of experience defending clients in white collar crime cases at the state and federal levels. His work as a stalwart defense attorney is nationally recognized. His accolades include Avvo Clients’ Choice recognition, Super Lawyers and NACDA Nation’s premier rankings. He has also been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other major newspapers and business publications.

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What To Expect Going Forward

If you are contacted by the NYPD, FBI or other law enforcement, you need to remain silent and call an attorney immediately. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at the beginning can make all the difference. Doug Schneider has handled internal investigations, convinced prosecutors no crime was committed, and, where appropriate, negotiated significant reductions in penalties for his clients. When necessary, he is more than willing to take a case to trial.

Doug is a tireless advocate who will fight for his clients to the end. In one case, Doug represented a telemarketer living in Canada who was charged with fraud in the United States, which meant he could not leave Canada without the risk of being arrested. Doug spent over six years untangling a complicated web of contracts, thousands of phone calls and emails, and complex Canadian business documents to ultimately prove to the federal prosecutor that his client was actually the victim of the crime. Not only were all charges dropped, but the government returned tens of thousands of dollars that it had seized back to his client.

White collar criminal cases are typically proceeded by a lengthy investigation by prosecutors and law enforcement. Schneider Law PLLC will provide you the high-quality representation needed to avoid or defeat white collar criminal charges, or successfully negotiate advantageous dispositions in white collar criminal cases. We will be by your side from start to finish, from investigation to arrest to resolution.

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Douglas M. Schneider
Douglas Schneider
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Client Testimonials

Competent, Caring and Highly Effective!

Doug is a fantastic lawyer and skillfully helped me navigate an exceptionally trying period of my life. He is candid, honest, and provided me with excellent advice. I cannot say enough about his integrity, work ethic, and genuine care for his clients. Doug allowed me to reclaim my life and I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of counsel.

Wonderful Attorney

Mr. Schneider was compassionate, timely and very responsive throughout my case. From the beginning I felt I was in the capable hands of a true professional who was not only caring and considerate but extremely intelligent.

You will not regret!!!!!

I had a great experience with Douglas Schneider as he was very clear and consistent when explaining the legal process and my rights. Douglas was able to answer all my questions and kept me informed about every step of my case. I highly recommend Douglas.