Defamation And First Amendment Matters

Whether a business, a community leader, or an employee, your reputation matters. You have the right to protect your reputation from false attacks. At the same time, the First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech. The result of these conflicting interests is the law of defamation — one of the most complex and misunderstood legal principles.

Defamation is a false, public statement made in writing (called “libel”) or orally (called “slander”) that harms your reputation. However, only false statements of fact can be defamatory. Statements of pure opinions, no matter how false, cannot be defamatory. Context matters as well. Public figures have to meet a very high standard to prove defamation. In most defamation cases, you also have to prove you were damaged. However, certain false statements, such as claiming someone committed a crime, are considered so bad that damages are presumed.

If you believe you were defamed, libeled or slandered, or were accused of defaming someone else, you need an experienced defamation lawyer on your team. Douglas Schneider regularly represents plaintiffs and defendants in defamation cases and has written and published on the fact/opinion dichotomy.

Stopping Online Defamation and Harassment

The Internet, with the ability to hide behind anonymity and fake names, is the new frontier of defamation law. Schneider Law PLLC knows how to fight back against the Internet trolls who try hurt you, your family, and your business.

Discovering the identity of an anonymous poster is a complex, multi-step process. As an experienced Internet defamation lawyer, Doug Schneider knows how to get this done. Doug knows how to neutralize defamatory reviews on predatory websites that turn around and try to sell you their “online reputation services.” He knows how to stop the disgruntled former customers or employees who use the Web to unleash a campaign of harassment.

To better understand your rights and options and to fight back against online reputation attacks, call 212-257-0522 to schedule your initial consultation at our conveniently located office in downtown Manhattan. You can also reach us confidentially online.

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