Protecting Your Company And Your Employees

Your business is only as good as your employees. They help you build your business and keep your company thriving. Your employees are your most valuable asset.

well-drafted employment contract and knowledge of employment law best practices can help you avoid litigation. The right approach will protect the investment you make in your employees, provide them with financial security, and create the type of positive work environment that encourages your employees to flourish.

Personalized Business Support

Clarity and predictability in roles, responsibilities, and expectations benefits both the employee and the employer. We can help you draft the employment documents that protect your business and your employees, including:

  • Employment and Executive Agreements;
  • Severance agreements;
  • Noncompete agreements;
  • Confidentiality agreements; and
  • Employee handbooks and training materials;

Drafting strong employment agreements at the start, and following employment law best practices, will help you avoid the time and expense of future litigation. Schneider Law PLLC will look at your business and help you determine the documents and practices your business needs to succeed. We can provide you outside general counsel services so you always have somewhere to turn to whether you have a question about employment law or need someone to review a contract.

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We offer personalized solutions for your business. To learn more about what options are available for your Brooklyn or Manhattan business, contact us online or make an appointment in our New York office by calling 212-257-0522. We represent employees and employers throughout New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey.

Employment Law

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Douglas Schneider
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Competent, Caring and Highly Effective!

Doug is a fantastic lawyer and skillfully helped me navigate an exceptionally trying period of my life. He is candid, honest, and provided me with excellent advice. I cannot say enough about his integrity, work ethic, and genuine care for his clients. Doug allowed me to reclaim my life and I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of counsel.

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Mr. Schneider was compassionate, timely and very responsive throughout my case. From the beginning I felt I was in the capable hands of a true professional who was not only caring and considerate but extremely intelligent.

You will not regret!!!!!

I had a great experience with Douglas Schneider as he was very clear and consistent when explaining the legal process and my rights. Douglas was able to answer all my questions and kept me informed about every step of my case. I highly recommend Douglas.