Protecting The Financial Interests Of Individuals And Businesses

At Schneider Law PLLC, we work with businesses across a wide range of industries from freelancers to small local businesses to large international companies to draft agreements that meet their legal needs.

A well drafted agreement at the start will provide clarity and security and will help you avoid litigation if things go south.

Business Formation And Contract Drafting

Positioning your business for success means anticipating its needs. At Schneider Law PLLC, we can help to form a limited liability company (LLC), domestic corporation or limited partnership and draft all the documents you need to get your business off the ground.

We regularly help businesses create the documents needed for their unique circumstances including shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and operating agreements. We regularly work with executives and employers to draft and/or review executive employment agreements, non-compete agreements, severance agreements and releases.

We work with independent contractors, freelancers and small businesses to make sure they get paid and to protect their legal interests. In New York City, this is more important than ever after the passage of the Freelance Isn’t Free Act, which requires most contracts with freelance workers to be in writing. A business that fails to have a written contact with a freelancer or is late paying its invoice could end up being forced to pay twice the amount of the invoice. Repeated failure to provide freelancers with a written contract could result in an additional $25,000 fine.

A Lawyer Who Knows The Courtroom – And How To Avoid It

While we pride ourselves on our abilities as litigators, we know that preventing legal disputes is key to running a successful business. Businesses that draft their own agreements and employees who try to use something they find on the Internet may save a little up front, but in the end they will pay a lot more if and when a dispute arises. The best way to avoid litigation in the future is to draft comprehensive agreements at the start.

Liquor License Law

Restaurants, bars and other establishments needing liquor licenses face complex rules and regulations. At Schneider Law PLLC, we help restaurants, wine stores, and liquor stores navigate the regulations and requirements of the New York State Liquor Law to get the licenses they need. We have a proven record of representing local liquor stores before the New York State Liquor Authority and successfully contesting license applications from competitors and potential competitors that would devastate their financial bottom line.

We can help you navigate the confusing world of PCI compliance and fight a credit card processor or bank who freezes your account because you were the victim of fraud. If your point of service provider failed to be PCI compliant and exposed you to liability, we know how to take them to court and win.

Outside General Counsel

Most new businesses and small to mid-sized companies regularly need advise on complex legal issues, but are not big enough to justify employing a full time in-house counsel. Schneider Law PLLC can fill that void by acting as outside general counsel.

Doug Schneider’s expansive knowledge of employment law, the ins and out of litigation, and the needs of small, local, and mid-sized businesses allows him to quickly respond to our clients’ inquiries, proactively address our clients’ potential legal exposure, and help them survive any legal crises they may face.

From responding to surprise subpoenas to protecting businesses from rogue former employees, to providing employment law training and advice, Doug Schneider can provide all the services of an in-house counsel at an affordable rate.

Our pro-active, accessible, cost-conscious general counsel services help businesses anticipate and effectively address all their legal questions and needs so that you can keep your focus on running your successful business, where it belongs.

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To learn about your options and to protect your business interests, schedule an initial consultation with our experienced business law attorney at our office conveniently located in Manhattan’s Financial District, by calling 212-257-0522. Alternatively, you can tell us about your legal issue here. We represent clients throughout New York City, including all boroughs, as well as Long Island and New Jersey.

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Competent, Caring and Highly Effective!

Doug is a fantastic lawyer and skillfully helped me navigate an exceptionally trying period of my life. He is candid, honest, and provided me with excellent advice. I cannot say enough about his integrity, work ethic, and genuine care for his clients. Doug allowed me to reclaim my life and I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of counsel.

Wonderful Attorney

Mr. Schneider was compassionate, timely and very responsive throughout my case. From the beginning I felt I was in the capable hands of a true professional who was not only caring and considerate but extremely intelligent.

You will not regret!!!!!

I had a great experience with Douglas Schneider as he was very clear and consistent when explaining the legal process and my rights. Douglas was able to answer all my questions and kept me informed about every step of my case. I highly recommend Douglas.